Farmer’s Markets and Men

Hi Friends!

Ocean Beach snackies

I am so happy to be back writing another blog from San Diego. I am currently on the dog beach in Ocean Beach, without a dog, with packed snacks, watching all of my babies run around and play while eating freeze-dried raspberries I paid $14 for on Amazon. If that is not bliss, I surely do not know what is.

I had slight worry writing this blog, because I wasn’t sure how much of an update to provide. A LOT has changed since we last spoke, and I believe honesty is just the best policy—but I also have to have some sort of life outside of social media. Right? Maybe not. Who cares, lol.

Just know I am about to dish all things I feel comfortable sharing, but to expect more next week after my life continues to unfold.

First things first, I am still in my beautiful Furnished Finder home, and so far I absolutely love San Diego. I haven’t made many friends yet, but I have had some really cool experiences. I met up with some high school friends, I’ve done trivia, my parents came out for ten days, I absolutely love going country dancing, I have tried a ton of the restaurants, and I have even traveled and left San Diego twice since I moved in. Once for a brand deal and once to visit Deb. If you are new here, Deb is my boss at Cherokee Uniforms. She is also my best friend.

Produce at Little Italy FM

The experience I HAVE to tell you all about ASAP is the Farmer’s Market in Little Italy. I am not kidding when I say this thing was 6 blocks long on both sides of the street. Absolute monstrosity. I parked, got up to the street level, and I truly couldn’t believe it. I was so overwhelmed I only made it through about 4 blocks, and that took me 2 entire hours. It was absolutely magnificent. There were so many products, goods, foods, flowers, fresh produce, and a ton of very California items (like kombucha, kale chips, kefir drinks, etc.). It was so awesome. I literally felt like I was in heaven. I left with sourdough, tons of produce, some raspberry fruit jerky, coconut peanut butter, fresh flowers, and delicious cheeses. The man selling the cheese never told me what it cost. I never asked. I never looked.

Amy, Lindsay, and me last week

My sister is about to have her third child. We don’t know the sex, so this is a very exciting and anticipatory time. She is such a good mother. She is also such a good sister. I am so happy for her, and I just cannot wait to have my little nugget in my arms. Some people were created to be moms, and that is my sister, Carrie. Some people were created to be aunts, and that is me. Send some good vibes her way, please. Her children mean so much to me, and she is my closest friend and so precious. Our family is blessed, and we are in for an incredible chapter together!

Lunch at Great White in LA

I know you all want an update on the ex, lol. I will just say this: I have seen him since my return to San Diego. It went well. I think we will always be friends no matter what happens. I will keep you posted.

Lindsay (my best friend from LA) is coming down to San Diego this weekend and we are hosting an Asian-inspired dinner party. I am so dang excited! Pictures and updates to follow.

All my love,


We Moved to San Diego

We moved to San Diego!

It feels so weird even writing that out, because I just moved to Denver last January…but I moved to sunny San Diego last week and decided to rejoin the blogging community!

Why San Diego you ask? Two very different reasons.

The first one: I fell in love. Spoiler alert: he broke up with me. *cringes*

(There’s a lot more to that story, but the breakup story has to be another blog. It just does. Also, we don’t hate him or think he is a terrible person. Again, more later. So, stick with me here.)

The second one: work. I signed an incredible partnership before he broke up with me. It happens to be out in San Diego, and happens to be one I have been waiting to do for a couple of years now—so at the time (again, pre-breakup) it seemed like the perfect fit. I also have to work a lot in Los Angeles, and with multiple LA campaigns coming up, I also needed to be back on the West Coast this spring despite any partnerships or relationships I was in. So, here were my thoughts: come out to San Diego for temporary work, see how I like it, have easy access to LA for multiple campaigns I have already signed on for, date the guy I love, assess the situation after 90 days, and then plan for the next steps after having more information about whether or not San Diego could be a long-term fit.

Most of that will still be exactly how I planned it, and that is something to be thankful for. And hey, if you have to move across the country after being dumped, San Diego is not a bad place to mend your broken heart!

Nurse Kelley and Winnie in San Diego
Winnie and me at Sunset Cliffs

As some of you may know, I work for a company called Wanderly, which is a travel nursing technology platform. We house all leading travel nursing agencies in one place so travelers can compare assignments, locations, pay, etc. all in one place.

I am the Chief Nurse Advocate, but basically that means I am the Director of Marketing with a couple of fancy Nursing degrees. Wanderly partnered a long time ago with Furnished Finder, and that is where this new story begins.

Furnished Finder is a short-term furnished housing rental platform. It was created for travel nurses, but has evolved for anyone needing short-term, month-to-month, furnished housing. I love Furnished Finder, because I book directly with the landlord (no booking fees) and all landlords have been verified (super safe). I cannot tell you, truly, how much I enjoy and recommend this platform. Furnished Finder is a fantastic resource for anyone needing furnished housing, and I get hotel deals all over the country. Like, WHAT?!

Image from

Furnished Finder asked me to partner with them, stay in one of their rentals, and give my honest feedback, reviews, and hot takes of the house, city, and services altogether to share with my followers who may need short-term furnished housing sometime soon.

I chose a rental in San Diego.

I packed up my apartment in Denver.

I grabbed my English Bulldog, Winnie.

I packed up a trailer on the back of my SUV.

And I arrived last week to a beautiful 2BR, 1BA house in the heart of the city that I feel very fortunate to live in for the foreseeable future.

I will keep you all posted on my adventures, on my housing, on my life, and on everything San Diego and Furnished Finders!


Love Always,