A little bit about Kelley.

Kelley Johnson, MSN, RN is a former Miss California USA (top 10 at Miss USA), former Miss Colorado (2nd Runner-Up Miss America), Keynote and Commencement Speaker (over 80 professional Keynotes given), Advocate, Host, Blogger, World Traveler, Model, and Bulldog Mom. Learn more about her here.


Welcome to my blog! You’re going to find quite the variety here: nursing, pageantry, beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, travel, and pretty much whatever else I feel like writing about. All blogs written by me, Kelley. I hope you’ll leave your feedback.


Nothing is off limits in my new podcast. Uploading episodes (and sharing the title!) soon.


I have given over 80 professional Keynote addresses to various nursing communities across the country. I am more than happy to provide references, video clips, and photographs if you are interested in booking me for your next conference, event, convention, or commencement. It would be an honor!