USSI Brand Ambassador

About United Staffing Solutions, Inc. 

We are a healthcare staffing company employing healthcare professionals for travel assignments at hospitals and other medical facilities nationwide. USSI is a quality driven company who is certified by the Joint Commission and growing rapidly as a respected staffing organization serving the nation’s top hospitals. Our company has been in the staffing business since 1996 and we have earned many accolades from our valued clients and our nurses.

Creativity, Cutting-edge, Compassion are not inspirational posters displayed on our walls, it’s what drives us at United Staffing Solutions, Inc (USSI) to disrupt the industry and raise the bar with travel nurse staffing services. Headquartered in Torrance, CA, USSI, goes beyond the status quo of travel nursing placement.

My Role at USSI

As someone that is inspired by those that enter my life every day, I find it important to reciprocate the same courtesy. I live each day with authenticity, gratitude, and purpose; it is who I am at my core… who I am as a being. I use these qualities to drive my passions, to contribute to the community, and to guide my voice. With the exposure I generously received during my participation in Miss America 2016, I found my calling. A calling that exposed my purpose, highlighted my guiding principles, and transformed me into who I am today… Nurse Kelley.

As the USSI Brand Ambassador, I share in the company’s values, ethics, and culture. Our partnership is focused on generating awareness and attention to the Nursing Industry, and focusing on creating a positive Nursing Community. I serve as a liaison with Nurses, Hospitals, Clients, and Vendors, shaping and nurturing these relationships. Providing a platform for Healthcare Practitioners to be heard, understood & validated, and giving the Nursing Community a voice, are two of my priorities. Ideally, I want to strengthen the necessity, commitment and contributions of the Nursing Industry, and shift the perception to highlight its various strengths. My goal as USSI’s Brand Ambassador is to reshape and reintroduce the image of the Nursing Industry. To create awareness to the responsibilities, the character, and value of the Nurses in our communities. I want to be the voice to a community of incredible people that embody selflessness, kindness, and empathy.