I work for USSI, you should too.

I work for USSI. You should, too.

It has been two months since I made the move to Los Angeles and decided to start working for United Staffing Solutions, Inc. In complete transparency, I was really scared to make this move. If you had asked me two months ago what I thought about the company itself I would have said, “well, it sounds really good”.  It did. It sounded really good. The next two months would be spent deciding for myself if what sounded good was actually good, or if I had made one of the mistakes of my life.

I met the staff, leadership, and a few nurses that work for USSI within the first week of partnering with them. Could they all really be THAT great?

Here’s the thing: I spend my time at USSI creatively imagining videos and marketing content that will set us apart from other travel nursing companies “business-wise”. I enjoy every minute of a day “at work”, but honestly, we are already miles apart from anyone else in this industry so my job is incredibly easy. I don’t say that to sound pretentious or to sell you on a fictitious idea of what we offer. It’s the truth, we are just different. We simply operate differently. Everything that I am involved in (which is most things) is done with integrity, honesty, and transparency. We are encouraged to be kind to other companies, to work as hard as possible for the USSI family, to advocate for our nurses, and to treat all involved with USSI with the utmost respect. USSI is the real deal: a business that cares more about the people it affects than the last dollar.

Lucky for me, my company is everything we say are. The people really are THAT nice and hardworking, the leadership really is THAT compassionate and trustworthy, and the treatment of our nurses really is THAT respectful and honest. I used to selfishly think that USSI was lucky to have me, and it very quickly became clear that I am lucky to have them.

I work for USSI. I travel for USSI. You should, too.