2017: I do not have to do this anymore.

2017: I don’t have to do this anymore.

2016 was not a bad year for me. It was an incredible year, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to live the life that I lead.

But, few people know your entire story, they know what you choose to share with them. I shared the happy times, the exciting times, the funny times, and the successful times as most of us do on social media. It would be ridiculous if I pretended like I didn’t have hard times, too. I spent a small part of 2016 letting outside negativity affect my life. Why? I chose to.

Here’s the best part for 2017: I don’t have to do this anymore. You don’t either.

  • 1.) I am done with toxic things and people. If you try to bring anything other than happiness, kindness, love, and positivity into my life you won’t be allowed in. Friends, nobody has a right to be in your life. You do not owe anyone who hurts you a spot just because they think they deserve one or they have always had one. Getting rid of toxicity and filling your life with people who truly want the best for you feels SO GOOD! You deserve the best out of relationships, so have the self-respect to say goodbye to the bad ones. 
  • 2.) I am done wasting energy on things that do not affect me. I have wasted far too much energy on things and people that really have zero influence on my life, my success, and my happiness. We all do it. In 2017, I am not going to worry about what people think about me, worry about pleasing others before myself, or pouring energy into things out of my control because it steals from my joy. Life is too short to spend it giving pieces of yourself to things and people that do not matter.
  • 3.) I am done with excuses. It is not my work schedule’s fault I didn’t make it to the gym. It is not my errand’s fault that my room is a mess. It is not Happy Hour’s fault that I forgot to do laundry. It is not being tired’s fault that I didn’t write that last blog for work. It is MY fault. I am done with excuses. I have a new energy within me that is ready to conquer 2017, take of myself, take care of my belongings, and get myself to where I REALLY want to be because I worked to get there.
  • 4.) I am done comparing myself to others. We are all guilty of envying someone else’s life, abilties, body, success, opportunity, etc. I am done comparing myself to others. I believe it is all about timing and His plan. We must trust that the cards we have been dealt currently are exactly the ones designed for us. We are not meant to live in this superficial world of jealousy. We are meant to love ourselves and work as hard as possible to be the person that we want to be and have the life we desire for OURSELVES. 
  • 5.) I am done with the words “I can’t”. Yes, I can. And I am going to. Who is anyone else to limit your potential? Who is anyone else to tell you what you can and cannot achieve? Who is anyone else to shoot your dreams down? Who are YOU to do that to yourself? Listen, if you want something out of life that seems crazy to everyone else I applaud you. I do, too. I want extraordinary, and in 2017 I am done listening to anyone (including myself) who says I can’t.  Yes, I can.

Let’s make this year the best year, yet. The year we chose happiness. The year it was okay to choose ourselves. The year we stopped putting up with things that didn’t make us better. Cheers to 2017!

XOXO – Nurse Kelley

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