Nurse Kelley

Registered Nurse. Miss Colorado 2015.  2nd Runner-Up Miss America. National Public Speaker for Healthcare Conventions. "Show Me Your Stethoscope" Inspiration. Nurse Advocate. Scrub Designer. Model. Actress. Host. Colorado Grown, California Living. 

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Miss Colorado 2015

Nurse Kelley was Miss Colorado 2015 and is widely known for her performance of a nursing monologue on the Miss America competition. The monologue has since gone viral reaching over 6.5 million views in under a week. She performed her talent of nursing in purple scrubs and a white stethoscope later to be an internet sensation after comments about her "Doctor's Stethoscope" by the cast of the television show "The View" sparked the #NursesUnite campaign and Show Me Your Stethoscope site. Nurse Kelley was 2nd Runner-Up in the Miss America competition.

Kelley Johnson

Nurse Kelley is enjoying her life after pageantry completely submerged in nursing. She has delivered over 20 keynote speeches at various nursing conventions, hosted for Dr. Oz on the red carpet at the CMAs, modeled for scrub magazines, appeared on national television and radio, and traveled to over 30 states visiting hospitals, patients, and nurses spreading messages of nurse appreciation and education.

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